Saturday, 10 July 2010

The river bears

(Above: River Bear)
Its story time!
River bears are red, bear like, creatures. Unknown to many in our civilisation, they like to work undercover, mindlessly slaughtering the humans they can get their paws on. The small group of humans that are fortunate enough to know about the RBs have been able to set up a number of precautions that allow us to monitor the amount of damage the bears can do. Firstly, we have some large, sharpened, wooden stakes; these spear the river bears when they try to get over them, many humans then chose to eat the bears as they have quite a taste! These wooden stakes are also covered in a number of rusty nails that are infected with polio AND tetanus, so humans have to watch out for that as well as the river bears. Next up we have placed a revolving platform that senses the river bears feet, once detected it spins incredibly fast, flinging the bears away from the humans. Lastly a small signpost showing a pram is placed on each human dwelling, it simply means: No baby river bears. Unknown to many, the river bears are dangerous creatures with a sick sense of humour: It is not unusual for them to leave a calling card in places they have killed or reached. Finally i must warn you that when straying into the river bear territory, you must always move quickly, because they will move even faster.

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  1. I love it. but you forgot the polio/tetanus.
    But I love it.